Monday, August 31, 2009


This was Dad's first time to assist Bri in potty training. While Mommy may focus on the science side of pooping, I focus on the artful side. But much to my chagrin and Elise's delight, that's no Sports Illustrated she's reading....

We got the bikes out on Sunday. Mia went off-roading with the full power of a push broom behind her.

Bri is lost in thought, wondering whether her Roller Derby name should be "Bashin' Flash Bri" or "Ouwee on Wheels."

Hadley is really hoping against the Deeble nose.

She'd much rather pick Uncle G's.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Girls, Girls, Girls

Mia and Bri's friend Eva came over to play yesterday. Her little baby sissy was born a week ago and so she needed a chance to get out of the house and play. I had all four girls. They were precious.

This was Hadley's first time at their little table. She was so excited and proud of herself.

Brianna commandeered Eva's new baby doll. Eva was a trooper about it and did a fabulous job letting Bri play with it.
The girls had a ball modeling the Build a Bear glasses. Mia of course modeled her own glasses. Eva had the modeling pose down pat.

Do these 4 look like trouble or what? Just wait till the 5th girl (Eva's sissy) can hang with them. Heaven help us.

Mac and Cheese Time

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Little "PK"

So Mia busted this out today at lunch for the first time ever. She thankfully did it for me several times so that I could capture it on film. Priceless. I was so bummed that Dan was not here to see it.

Ok so I learned that a transcript is required. Here is the transcription. "Lord Jesus so much Daddy. Lord Jesus so much food. Amen!"

Untitled from Elise Deeble on Vimeo.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hadley Discovers the Backyard

Gone are the days of me just sitting in an adirondack chair and watching the girls play in the sandbox. Boy was that short lived.

Hadley discovered the backyard. And she is CRAZY - Crazy and strong willed. She of course is obsessed with trying to walk up the slide and likes to go "boneless" if I try to take her off. It was fun while it lasted.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Officially Walking

So Hadley turned the corner on Friday 8/7/09 and decided she was done with crawling. She is now officially walking. She is so proud to really be able to hang with her sisters now.

Untitled from Elise Deeble on Vimeo.

Let the Games Begin

So far the score is Mia-2 and Brianna-0

10 Lessons Learned:

1.) Two juice boxes per girl in 30 minutes - BAD
2.) M&M motivation for Mia - GOOD
3.) M&M motivation for Brianna - BAD
4.) Baby gating girls into kitchen - GOOD
5.) Removing cushions from kitchen chairs - GOOD
6.) Girls saying Uh-Oh - BAD
7.) Hearing Mia say "Yeah Mia!" - GOOD
8.) Hearing Brianna say "Bri Poot" - BAD
9.) Potty training with Hadley in kitchen - VERY BAD
10.) Diapers -VERY, VERY GOOD

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The "Big" Pool

Going to the "Big" Pool, as the girls call it, takes a lot of work, guts and sunscreen.

Sorry no pictures of them in the water. It is ALL HANDS ON DECK.

Brianna's 2nd Birthday

Brianna's 2nd Birthday was on July 15th!

But since we spent the entire day in the car driving to Virginia we celebrated it on the 13th.
In the craziness of getting back from vacation we totally forgot to post these pictures and video.
It was priceless!!!!

More Pictures from the Party:

"whity waggle! whity waggle! whity waggle!"

So it's not really a chant...but hey, you gotta love the attempt.

(note: this was a tribute to my great friend "Whity" who will be getting married to a Miss Paige on Labor Day!)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Give This Girl a Hat and a Cane

Hadley is stringing together quite a few steps now. It's almost second nature. This video, however, shows more style than substance.