Friday, December 31, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mr. Potato Head

Poppy, you can just hope and pray that your "You have Mr. Potato Head at home" marketing truly pays off.

Mr. Potato Head from Elise Deeble on Vimeo.


Santa came to preschool and Mia was the bravest. She insisted on seeing him. She got the closest to him. Her sisters then decided to try it.

Preschool Holiday Program

Brianna and Mia were told to wear their nice "Holiday Attire" for their annual preschool holiday program. I have to say that my girls were the only ones NOT in red, green or black. Ever since my worst ever fifth grade school picture I have refused to wear red.
Sorry girls.

Brianna's First Ballet Show

So Bri's dance school was genius. They never once had to tell the parents about their annual Holiday Dance Performance called Clara's Dream. They just told the little girls about it and gave them each a flier to take home. Brianna slept with the flier by her bed for a month. Every night we had to look for it and make sure that it was by her bed. It was first described to me as "the thing that I want to go to".

Surprise, surprise she got her way. Mommy, Brianna, Miss Tara and her best friend Eva all went to Clara's dream. It was one of the longest 2.5 hours of my life. It was priceless. Brianna and Eva could hardly contain themselves they were so excited when the dancing first began. Bri kept hugging me and saying "Thank you, Mommy". The dancing was amazing. I kept getting choked up thinking that could be one of my daughters someday.

The challenge was that I have never seen Brianna so excited in her life. She could not sit still for one second. The poor people all around us handled it amazingly well. But I was exhausted just watching her and trying to calm her. The funniest thing is that she was very mad and confused when she first saw some boys up on the stage. She kept saying Mommy why are there boys up there.

So just a few days ago I was telling all the girls that at the end of dance season Brianna would have a recital and we would all go watch her dance up on a big stage. Bri then said "Mommy will I dance with a boy?". Heaven help us. She is only three and that was her first question.

Mia and Hadley insisted on a picture of them ready for their time with Daddy:

Hadley's 2010 Ornament

Each of the girls took turns going to the Hallmark store to pick out their ornament for 2010. I (Elise) first took Brianna and she wanted the most expensive ornament which was $44 (unfortunately she takes after both of her parents) but we negotiated down to an $18 ornament. Mia was faster than Brianna at picking out hers but sad to say that her first choice was sold out. So again we negotiated on another ornament. But Hadley....Oh Hadley. Dan said she knew immediately which one she wanted. Winnie the Pooh.

Hadley and the Train

Hadley and the Train from Elise Deeble on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas China

The girls received this Christmas china last year from Mo. Isn't it precious. Because it can break, I tell them not to play with it but everytime I look at it, it is arranged differently. They just can't resist it.

They Made the Mantel!

Yes, believe it or not Keiffer and Bower made the mantel this year. Even though they weekly destroy our new carpet, they have somehow managed to worm their way back into our hearts. I think having a little more space and not tripping over them constantly has helped them immensely.

Papa's Train

I have a whole new respect for Papa.....fixing derailments is a time consuming thing. Papa gave us a train to put around our tree when Brianna was born. This is the first year since the girls could move that we were brave enough to put it up. I am seriously hoping that our house does not burn down before Christmas. Daily I receive a major electric shock after walking across the family room floor. This is my clue that the train has been derailed and not turned off thereby charging our carpet something fierce.

Papa, where are you when you are needed?

Decorating the Tree

So I let the girls help me decorate the tree this year. It was hilarious. This picture does not quite capture it. The bottom row of branches had as many as three ornaments hanging from them. On a real tree this is not a good thing. Believe it or not I wanted to leave it this way (that is major progress for a control freak like me) but there is no way that the tree was going to hold the ornaments.