Monday, October 19, 2009

The Terrible Twos

Sorry it has been so quiet on the blog front. The Deebles have spent the last few weeks just trying to survive this crazy busy season in our lives.

Dan has been super busy with work due to the church moving to its new location on November 1st. Woo Hoo! And I, Elise, have been practically home bound for two weeks with cold, rainy weather and three sick kids(two "Terrible Two" year olds and a feisty 1 year old). My goal at this point is just to survive. I have learned at a whole new level why they call it the terrible twos.

Potty training two strong willed 2-year olds with an equally as strong willed one year old and two neurotic dogs almost put me over the edge last week. Imagine a mom who is claustrophobic in a TINY bathroom, with a huge step stool, a children's little potty seat, three girls and two tiny dogs. One girl is screaming that she wants to "do it all by herself", the littlest girl is either dangling from the sink, or opening and closing the cabinet door or worse the bathroom door. While the other two year old is trying to drive her noisy ride toy into the already crammed bathroom. And then if that wasn't crazy enough having one dog who was apparently having a nervous breakdown huddling between my legs.

I have a whole new appreciation for the "Serenity Now" Seinfeld episode. Needless to say we all survived. And this week is already looking so much better. Today it is 70 degrees. The sun is shining. We got out of the house. Mia is pretty much potty trained. I have given up on Brianna. And I took the offensive in our main floor bathroom: removed Hadley's favorite climbing stool, put door stopper on the door, rubber banded the cabinet doors shut and my favorite REMOVED the batteries from the obnoxiously loud ride toy.

Still considering putting the dog on Prozac!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Birthday Pics - Hadley's 1st Party

Hadley had 7 little friends and their parents over for her party, in addition to her mommy, daddy, nana & poppy, and two aunties. Her friends are pictured below:

Friend #1: Big Sis Mia
Friend #2: Big Sis Brianna
Friend #3: Cousin Brooke
Friend #4: Eva
Friend #5: Isabel

Friend #6 & 7: Twins JJ & Parker

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hadley Turns "1" Monday!!!

these are her favorite glasses and she asks me (dad) to put them on her often.