Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

In addition to our wacky fence this morning, the girls had Wacky Wednesday at school in honor of Leap Year Day. Here are the wacky Deeble girls. Note all the clothes are on backwards. And yes it takes forever to fix three wacky girls' hair.

A Little Windy

So we are the first house at the top of a big hill. Our bedroom faces northwest and Dan and I thought our house was going to blow away last night.

I was joking that our fence was really not going to make it threw this one. For kicks I went and looked out the window. It took me a long time in the dark to find the fence. I kept searching and searching. Finally my brain processed it. This is what we saw. Oh the joys of buying a 30 year old home that was not taken care of. :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Little Peak at Sunday Night

So here was a first on Sunday evening. Dan was at church for the 5pm service with his whole backup strategy planned: one item of which was a plastic bag in his back pocket.

And I (Elise) was at home feeding the girls a nutritious dinner....cereal. At which point all three of the girls called out from the table "may I be excused". And I without even looking at them called weakly from the family room floor, "Yes, can you please just clean yourself up in the bathroom." I was so sick that for the first time ever I didn't care if they were covered in head to toe sticky stuff that would soon be all over the house. I just was not getting up off the floor.

Mom's should NEVER have to get sick. Especially if Dad HAS to go to work. It just isn't fair!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our Poor Sick Baby

The Deebles have been battling the stomach flu now for 4 weeks. First Hadley got sick, then 6 days later Bri, then 6 days later Mia. Now poor Hadley was up all night from 12:30 until 4:30 throwing up again. So weird.

She asked to come up from the basement where she was watching tv to lie on the sofa. She was out within 5 minutes. If only mom could do the same.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quote of the Week

So we were all down in the basement - Bri was watching TV, Hads was on roller skates, Mia was shooting hoops, I (dan) was lying lazily on the floor, and Elise was hanging drywall. I said to my daughters, 'Girls, do you even realize how talented your mom is? She can do SOOO many things that I can't do!'

To which Mia replies, "Like what, working hard?"

Valentine Girls

Here are a few cute pics of the girls making their Valentine's Day Cards for Preschool. The irony is that Hadley was the fastest. She was a machine.

Papa Would be So Proud

I (Elise) have been hanging drywall in the basement. Dan and I knocked out what we affectionally call the Mouse Wall and Closet. Yep....You can let your imagination go on that one. Body count over a dozen. YUCK. Well the wall and closet are gone. If they ever make it in the house again (which is my new life mission to make sure they don't), they will have to find a new graveyard.

So the girls one morning decided to also do some work. My favorite line was Hadley calling out "I need a level!!!". I really wish I had recorded the whole thing. It was priceless. They make me so proud.

Here is a pic of my handy work. I am procrastinating the taping and mudding.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's About Time!!!

Poor Keiffer and Bower had their first walk in almost 4.5 years. Yes, I know that is so sad. Brianna has been asking for a while when she would be able to walk the dogs. I finally decided that we could try it.

Now you have to realize that part of the problem is that I (Elise) was terrified of dogs for the first 29 years of my life. Dan then talked me into getting a dog right after we were married. The concession on his part was a small dog. I almost instantly fell in love with Keiffer and got over most of my fears. And Keiffer had a walk almost every day. Then Keiffer was almost attacked by a German Shepherd in the park. Keiffer on leash and the German shepherd got off leash. This shook me a bit.

Then we got Bower. While walking both Keiffer and Bower in the same park Bower was attacked by a dog. The dog had Bower in his mouth. I managed to get Bower away from the dog. Needless to say my fear came back and Bower and I are quite a combo of terrified dog owner and terrified dog. Then within 14 months we went from 0 to 3 children. There was just no way to walk our dogs. We were in survival mode.

But now that the girls are almost 5, 4.5 and 4 I decided we could try down the block and back. The girls did great and had a blast. I was ok. We did have to navigate two dogs.

But the best part was that when Dan got home and asked the girls what they wanted to do they said they wanted to take the dogs for a walk again.

So TWO walks today for Keiffer and Bower!