Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dance Class: First Parent Watch Week

Mom, this is for you. Here are three videos. So unbelievably adorable. As you will see, Bri was a little distracted by the audience.

NOTE: Also to hear the audio on the video you have to stop the background music playing. To do that, scroll to the bottom of the blog and hit the stop button on the Music Playlist.

Untitled from Elise Deeble on Vimeo.

Untitled from Elise Deeble on Vimeo.

Untitled from Elise Deeble on Vimeo.

Peek A Boo

Friday, October 29, 2010

Video from Preschool Parade

Untitled from Elise Deeble on Vimeo.

Untitled from Elise Deeble on Vimeo.

Preschool Costume Parade

Hadley and I got to go see the girls at their preschool costume parade. I was soo proud of my girls. Mia totally reminded me of a high schooler playing it cool. Her bunny ears and tail were all that she would allow me to do to her.



So I (Elise) spread some Scott's Patch Mix grass seed on a couple of bare spots in our front yard and faithfully watered it twice a day for 12 days. I gave up in disgust when the girls grass heads sprouted grass after just 2 days of watering them.

Aren't they cute? These were a craft from church that the girls missed one night but that the children's ministry team sent home with Dan so that they could do them. Mia begged me to do it for about a week and then I finally relented. They turned out darling.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mia's List

Daily Mia says and does things that amaze me. She knew all her letters by the age of 2 and recently she has earned all her numbers. Probably from Dora the Explorer I must sadly say. She loves to point out numbers wherever we are: grocery store, Target, etc.

One more background point is that Dan's schedule at work has been crazy and he hasn't been home much due to the capital campaign the church recently launched. We girls are really doing way better with it than we thought we would but we are starting to feel his absence.

Well yesterday Mia grabbed a sermon print out of Dan's that had 7 numbered points on the middle of the page that were highlighted in yellow. I sat down on the couch to take a momentary rest from madly cooking and cleaning for a party. Mia saddled up next to me on the couch and preceded to read her list to me. I can't remember how she started the whole thing but here was her exact list and you have to picture her saying "number 1, number 2 in front of each one".

#1. I love my daddy. I really don't want him to go
#2. I love my mommy too its really true
#3. I love my blankie
#4. I like my blankie
#5. I like to go on the swing set with daddy
#7. I love my daddy

Absolutely priceless!!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


O.K. so you can now add a wood pecker and a mole to our little menagerie. I had absolutely NO idea how much damage one little creature could do. This mole is even destroying the inside of my house. Keiffer's new mission in life is the catch this mole. So at least every other day we have to completely wash Keiffer down because she is covered in dirt and mud from digging in the moles tunnels trying to catch it. And then mud does not agree with Keiffer's stomach. I have been doing more carpet, bedspread, chair scrubbing than anyone should ever have to do. Need I say more. I was on the verge of loathing my dog but now that I spent Saturday out in the yard and saw the damage that this mole has done, I am cheering her on. Go, Keiffer, Go!!!

That brings us to mice, possum, ground hog, spiders, wood pecker, mole, lizards and walking sticks. NONE of which have yet vacated our premises. And then as if that wasn't bad enough Dan says to me you know we probably should have our chimney checked because I don't want to totally freak you out but I have seen bats flying around outside. Seriously? How much can one woman handle.

My Little Surprise

One of the things that I treasure most about Mia is that she never ceases to surprise me (Elise). She is very creative and full of surprises . They just delight me. She is 3.5 now and yesterday as the 4 of us girls were holding hands and walking into church, Mia stopped and pointed to a blue jeep in the church parking lot. She said "Mom what is that?". I said, "it is called a Jeep". She then said "Mom, I want to drive one of those when I get big. [pause] But I want mine to be orange". I laughed and just stared at her amazed. And I had the sudden desire to buy my daughter an orange jeep.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Couldn't Be Prouder

Not quite what I had dreamed and imagined when we got the doll house 5 years ago*. But I couldn't be a prouder mom. Mia started it and then Bri pitched in. My favorite line was from Bri, "no, I need the drill. Hadley can you get me the drill". And Hadley got it. Go girls!!! Papa will be so proud too.

*Yes, we got it before we had any kids. The women's ministry all pitched in and got us a gift card to the plaza one Christmas and told us to spend it on something we didn't need. I told Dan how I had always dreamed of having a dollhouse and never had one. The following year the staff gave us another gift card for Christmas and along came the furniture. We are truly spoiled by an extremely giving church, family and friends. And we are still pretty sure that Mom has more fun with it than the girls at this point.

Favorite Quote of the Day

So Mia and Brianna are starting to amaze us with what they say. My favorite one of the day is from Brianna. I, Elise, was sitting at the computer checking emails and Brianna came up to me and said "Mom, can you get up for a second. I need to check a message." I was so cracked up by it that I obeyed. She proceeded to climb up into the chair and play on the computer.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


The Newest Cousin

Brianna couldn't wait to meet her new little cousin Brenna Christy. Here is Brenna at 3 days old. She is a doll!!! Bri wouldn't take no for an answer on holding her . As always, she amazed me at how sweet, gentle and confident she was.

Hadley's 2nd Birthday

Hadley also got two little birthday celebrations this year. One at home with Daddy (Daddy didn't want to be left out) and one in Columbia with Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins (daddy couldn't come).

She talked about her birthday party at least 4 times a day for the last two weeks. She adores her older cousins and always has a blast at Nana and Poppy's house. So hopefully they party lived up to her expectations.
Party Number 2

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Photos

We had another great session with our fantastic photographer and friend, Jaime Miller. Click here to watch a slideshow sneak peek.