Monday, March 19, 2012

Too Tight!

For most of her life, Hadley has complained about things being too tight. Her socks are too tight. The car seat is too tight. Her bathrobe is too tight. Her scream is incessant and inconsolable.

Now...after Hadley's fall down the backyard slide squished between two sisters, she now has something REALLY to scream about: a HARD CAST. She broke a bone on her right elbow and possibly one near her wrist, poor girl.

This is unfortunate on many levels.
1. Hadley is right-handed.
2. Hadley eats with both hands - sometimes with a utensil. Oftentimes not.
3. Hadley hates to get wet, anywhere. If an article of clothing gets wet or even damp, it comes off. Hard casts don't come off.

We can't wait for the itch to begin...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday Girl

Mia turned 5 today!!! Happy Birthday, my sweet girl. This is footage of Mia and Bri playing with Mia's birthday present from Butde and Papa: a tetherball. Little did Mia know that she helped mom buy the pole at Home Depot on a day she was home sick from school. So much fun. The girls just giggle and giggle when they play.

Thank you, Butde and Papa!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Misc Shots of our Vacation

Hadley saw a big dog during her last sledding run and tried to hide ON TOP of the sled. Cutest sight for such a fiery force.

We visited aunt Nicky's new home and the girls decided they loved each other in her swing.

My gorgeous girls - dad

I (dad) decided they should carry their own skiis - in spite of Elise's repeated protests. But, you know, one must set a precedent right out of the gate or else I'm carrying 5 pairs of skiis for the rest of my life. And boots. And poles. And helmets. And mittens. And gators. And goggles. And boyfriends.

Without any instruction, Mia just grabbed her skiis and slung them over her shoulder. We didn't show her how and didn't even do it ourselves. She must've seen the cool people do it.

Mia's First Birthday Party of the Year

As luck would have it, Mia gets to celebrate her birthday three times - once with Butde and Papa in Colorado, once on her actual birthday, and then a party with her friends the next week.

Ice Sledding!

It hasn't snowed in a while, so we had ourselves a slick, hard, and fast track!

The Harness Experiment

Skiing Action Shots

Mommy and Brianna
Papa and Hadley
Daddy and Mia

Daddy and Mia
Hadley after a long day of skiing (10:30 until 2:45)

Hadley's First Time Up the Chair Life...."I Love It"!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We're Having the Time of our Lives

We are absolutely having a blast as we're spending a week with Butde and Papa in Winter Park, CO. The girls are skiing maniacs - we can't get them off the mountain!