Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas PJ's!

Hadley could be Gymboree's new model - sporting the new E.T. line. She's actually frowning because the neck was so tight she couldn't get her new PJ's off her head.

Isn't my baby girl beautiful?

Brianna is growing up so fast. She had to have a nightgown vs. pj's so that she could spin and the pj's would spin with her. Elise wised up and got her some with sleeves. The Royal's summer nightgown that I got her a year ago (with no sleeves) goes down to her, oh, mid-calf. It was time.

Mia insists on wearing short-sleeved pj's and shorts (and she insists on sleeping with the ceiling fan on full blast and often goes without covers). And, if left to her own devices, she'd sleep in her soccer uniform every night. So Elise had a great idea and sent me to the Kansas Sampler to get her an over-sized soccer shirt (Go 'Sporting KC!') that could serve as her own nightgown of sorts. It was a brilliant move and Mia LOVES it!

They're ready! They've been counting the days for weeks now. They've also been counting and comparing gifts among the sisters. This has tempered the euphoria and anticipation with some despair. Elise said it best last night as she was putting more gifts under the tree: "I'm sure we'll wake up to some excited squeals when they see these and, of course, some intense bawling."

We can't wait.
Merry Christmas to you all and to all a good night!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Girl's First Movie

The girls went to their first movie theater movie. Heartland treated the staff and their families to the Muppets. We of course were the last ones to make it into the theater and therefore had to sit on the second row.

Hadley was terrified during the previews. She hugged me tight with eyes closed and I covered her ears. She kept asking me to take her home. I kept assuring her that the actual movie wouldn't be scary. Dan was pea green with envy that I was getting the precious hugs.

But the girls had a blast. Both Mia and Brianna ate a bag of popcorn each and downed one HUGE Slurpee. Hadley also loved the popcorn but was not a fan of the Slurpee. And they got to sit by one of the coolest PK's they idolize, Clara. Afterall, she is 5 and her dad is the fun guy. The bar has been set high for expensive movie goers.

Thank you Heartland for a fun event.

Cheers to Eggnog

The girl's first taste of eggnog. The all LOVE IT. I (Elise) detest the stuff.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Baby (and Guinea) in the Manger

Oh my creative girls. This was Hadley and Mia's creation. Not sure which one came up with it. I think it was Hadley. She told me that the baby and Bobo were in the manger. Too cute!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas - A New Day

Today's Mess

Brianna's Stash

Hadley's Stash

So the other night after the girls had been asking for days, I finally sat down (late at night) and wrapped some presents. As I was wrapping I said to Dan. I wonder if this will be the year that there are tears over who got more gifts. The problem was that Brianna has a big gift that won't go out until Christmas eve and her other gifts had not yet arrived in the mail. Dan said "Nah, and we don't really want to start playing that game."

The next morning the delighted squeal out of each of the girls when they saw the gifts under the tree was awesome. Then they started pulling each of the gifts out and checking to see which one was for who. Well Mommy called it. We instantly had tears when Brianna realized she only had 2 gifts at the time under the tree. Dan said "well, you called it". Bri is our drama queen.

Daily I have to spend time in the evening putting the presents back under the tree. They all get pulled out and grouped into piles or just scattered to see if there is anything new.

Oh the excitement and joy of being a child at Christmas. Don't get me wrong. I am excited about my gift that is under the tree that I also wrapped. I am only pouting a little bit that Dan is making me wait until Christmas. :)


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cruisin Cousins...

The girls loved to climb into Poppy's car over Thanksgiving and go for a ride. For whatever reason, I love the first shot where you see B's hand on the steering wheel - the picture won't win any awards but it just seems like B was really driving that thing (in fact, she knew how to operate every single feature in the car - seat warmers to boot).

This says it all...

This is a typical scene around the Deeble household - my little robed foreman getting ready to knock out another wall...