Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Deeble Fish

The Deeble girls thankfully turned a corner with swim lessons and have become awesome little swimmers. We went from excited, to terrified and are now back to excited. The smile on Mia's face just delights my soul. Mia and Hadley spent about 6 weeks bawling through swim lessons. Mommy cried sympathetically at a few lessons as well. We then switched teachers to try a fresh start and they both gained confidence. Now they all just LOVE swim lessons and swimming. We aren't quite swimming without anything yet but they are close.

I (Elise) feel like I have a new lease on life. I was dreading summer but summer has turned into a lot of fun. The Deeble girls went swimming three days in a row. We are just loving the pool and rashguards. Why did it take someone so long to design those.

Fearless Earns Her Name

Feerless earned her name: One of the Deeble house rules is NO THROWING or DROPPING anything over the banister. This rule is strictly enforced even with guests. I didn't see this go down. The girls just kept saying they needed help because Hadley's guinea named "Fearless" (factory name) was stuck. When I saw how cute the guinea pig looked there I didn't have the heart to discipline the offender.