Friday, October 31, 2008

She Looks Even More Beautiful

Just when we didn't think it was possible Mia got even more beautiful. Mia, Brianna, Hadley and I (Elise) picked up her glasses yesterday. First of all let me tell you what a sight I am pushing a double stroller and holding a 19 month olds hand (with a monkey leash on of course). It only took about 15 minutes to get inside. Anyway that is beside the point.

It was a struggle to even get her to try them on at the eye shop. We would only get 1 second glances of them on her before she would rip them off and that was with me pinning her arms. So making adjustments to get them to fit right was a challenge. I was told to expect to be back a ton in the beginning to get them adjusted. In the shop, I was starting to despair that this was going to be a nightmare. But the lady kept trying to reassure me that once I got home she would probably react differently and that most kids realize right away that they can see better and so they leave them alone. She also said whatever I do don't put them on her before we get home. Some parents make the fatal flaw of putting them on them for the first time in the car and when they get home the glasses are demolished.

So we waited till we got home. It was a struggle to get them on her again for the first time. I had to pin her arms with my legs because she was too fast for me. But just like we were told it only took a moment of them being on before Mia realized she could see and she never took them off again. She is actually quite proud of them as you will see from the pictures.

We are also quite proud of Brianna. She has only ripped off Mia's glasses once. I think she too quickly realized that Mia needed them and has since left them alone. They say that twins (which is mostly how Mia and Brianna behave) have a way of communicating with each other.

We just think she looks even cuter and Dan and I both find ourselves just staring at her. We find joy in watching her see things in an all new light: books, her favorite tree, her food, etc. So again God has turned something that we thought would be a bummer into something more beautiful than we ever would have imagined.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Friend Mo

We have a friend "Mo" who lives in California. She's the Mom of good friends from church and, for all intents and purposes, she has adopted us as her own. Within the last week, we have received two care packages from her. The first one was amazing with too many contents to even list. The second one - which came today - included a Build-a-Bear for each girl. Mia's teddy had a "U.S.A." shirt on and spectacles to celebrate both her finalized citizenship and the fact that she gets to wear glasses soon. And Hadley got her own shades along with her teddy since her older sisters were previously given their own pair in an earlier gift barrage.

It's difficult to understand such kindness. So we don't try. Instead, we just use it to blackmail our own parents. We tell tell them things like, "Hey, we don't mean to pressue ya or anything but Mo just sent us another package. Just thought you'd like to know..." It seems to work.

Thank you, Mo! We really don't know how to thank you for your thoughtful gifts and generosity.

My Daughter Has A Shopping Addiction

It was no later than 9 AM this morning. I was still in my morning attire. My coffee barely cooled. When Bri started to chant "Bye Bye." She stomped to the garage door, turned to me, and pointed in the direction of the mini-van. I told her it was far too early to go anywhere. So she grabbed her Royals visor. I told her that we'd go later. She put on her pink hat. I ignored her. She grabbed her sweater. I pleaded my case. She went and got her jacket. I began to whine. She just pointed at her shoes, looked at me with demanding eyes, and said "Bye. Bye."

So we went to Hyvee. Then to Legends Outdoor Mall. We bought her shoes. She loves shoes. Sneakers, slippers, rain boots, velcro shoes, it doesn't matter. She has a thing for them. At night, she grabs them out of the closet and tries to put them on over her pajama jumper.

Guess we'll have to get Papa back out to build that walk-in closet sooner than I planned.

Butde and Papa Stuck in Salina

Well, what do you get for giving up 5 weeks of your life and driving the RV to Kansas to play with the granddaughters and fix your kid's house? Not a lot, apparently. Butde and Papa left on Saturday and made it no farther than Salina, KS. Their radiator blew and they are now having to spend the week in western Kansas.
But the "Good People" story of the day is that friends from church have family in Salina. I made two quick calls and, voila, they're currently enjoying a home cooked meal in their home. Things like that just don't happen on the coasts, I'll tell yeeewww.
p.s. If you're interested in a mint conditioned RV with no radiator, please call Butde. Don't call Papa, be sure to call Butde at 562.555.1234

Friday, October 24, 2008

Nana's 5!

In the last 15 months, Elise's mom - "Nana" - has had 5 granddaughters join the family. Brianna, Brooklyn, Mia, Hadley, and Ariya (not pictured, unfortunately, but she's a cutie too!).
Nice job Nana!

Goodbye Butde and Papa!

After 5+ weeks, we said goodbye to Butde and Papa tonight. They will pack up their RV and head out early tomorrow morning. It was really sad to watch them drive away - they have been absolutely amazing.

We'd like to log just some of the things they've done for us over that time.

  • installed jambrace reinforcements to all of our doors
  • put weather stripping on our upstairs windows

  • changed all the hinges on our doors and installed new doorknobs upstairs

  • fixed our upstairs bathroom door

  • mowed our lawn three times

  • added some safety features to our backyard swingset

  • installed a hot water spiget

  • built a new laundry shelf in the basement

  • mounted all of the bookshelves to the wall

  • installed a sensor light in the backyard

  • fixed our light switch to the basement

  • mounted our bathroom towel bars

  • fixed the leak on the fridge icemaker

  • made 42 trips to Home Depot

  • taught Mia how to use a screwdriver

And Butde was no slouch either. She:
  • ran approximately 34 loads of laundry

  • made a chicken ole

  • made 2 different rounds of her famous Mac'n'Cheese

  • made flank steak

  • the most incredible pulled apart chicken sandwiches

  • 2 different rounds of tilipia

  • 2 rounds of beef brisket

  • a pot roast

  • a pork loin

  • a chicken and broccolli casserole

  • made chicken enchiladas

  • made beef and noodles

  • made a spanish chorizo soup

  • 2 casseroles of Beef and Noodle Au Gratin

  • 2 casseroles of ground beef stroganoff

  • made 17 Hyvee trips, 12 Henhouse trips, 8 Costco runs

  • washed 342 baby bowls, 223 sippy cups, 523 bibs

  • cleared at least 35 dishwashers
And, of course, Butde and Papa were courageous and brave enough to hang with the girls while we were at the hospital for 2 1/2 days when Hadley was born. That was the greatest gift of all.

Most importantly, it was so fun to see how attached our girls grew to them. Now, when Bri, wakes up, she'll first shout, "Daddy!?" Then "Mia. Mia! Mia!" Then "Mama! Mama!" Then...."Appi" (meaning Butde) and "Papa?!? Papa?!" Anyone to pay her some attention.
Our favorite memory will forever be how the girls would rush to the back door whenever Butde and Papa arrived. Their car would pull up, we'd shout "Butde and Papa are here!" and then the girls would race to the door and press their faces up against the storm door.

We love you Butde and Papa. Thank you!

Hat Girls

Mommy bought the girls some new hats and I just couldn't resist posting this one.

Share a Chair.

Taaaah Dahhhhh!

We normally draw the line at shirtless pictures but this video requires an exception. It captures Bri and Mia's personalities to a "tee." Mia is sweet and subdued. Bri thinks even her closet is a stage.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

As If She Weren't Pretty Enough...

Mia now gets to wear some cool-girl specs. We learned today that Mia has an extraordinaly good eye for long distances. These glasses will help her see just as well from up close.

Bri Can't Believe She's a Middle Child Now....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The End to a Long Journey

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 brought the end to a long paper chasing journey. Finally after 3 years and 2.5 months, I (Elise) was able to bring to a close the adoption of our long awaited daughter Mia. Because I did not travel to China with Dan to get Mia, we had a few extra hoops to jump through to complete our adoption. Had I gone to China, Mia's adoption would have been final and she would have become an American Citizen the minute she walked through US Customs. She later would have been mailed (at no extra cost) a certificate showing that she was a citizen of the United States of America.

However since I did not travel, we had to readopt her within the U.S. with the help of an attorney and file for a certificate of citizenship at a ridiculous fee. Had we not done these final steps then legally in China's eyes she would be ours but in the U.S.' eyes she would not. Therefore if she were to have ever gotten into trouble with the law she could have been deported. Scary stuff. I originally thought these steps would be minor but they of course turned into a lot of paper work, more money and more waiting.

Well Saturday I received a notice in the mail saying that her certificate had been approved and that all we had to do was make an appointment with Homeland Security to go pick it up. Because Mia had such a hard time with us leaving her when Hadley was born, we have gone back to making sure that either Dan or I are with her at all times (even while sleeping) until she is more secure again. So that said, I decided to leave Brianna and Hadley with Butde and Papa and that Mia and I would treck up North together to get her document.

It wasn't until after I got there that it hit me just how glad I was that I had brought her with me.
Afterall this was the office that Dan and I had gone to twice before to get fingerprinted. Both times sitting there wondering and dreaming about what our daughter would look like, how old she would be, what her personality would be like, etc.

This time I got to be the proud mother with the darling little girl that was charming everyone whose path she crossed. The police officer at the security check point was totally smitten with her. He rememered her name after sending us back to the car to put our phone in the car (camera phones are not allowed in the Homeland Security building). He then kept leaving his original post to come stand in the doorway to smile at her.

She also kept drawing the attention of all the other people waiting their turns. Afterall who can't help but smile at a 24 lb girl clutching her blankie, her baby doll, her snack cup and her water bottle while repeatedly saying the name of the one she just dropped. As I sat there waiting to be called it just hit me how special a time this was. How precious just to have some one on one time with her. And how God had answered every one of my hopes and prayers and brought me the most beautiful, loving, smart and kind little girl that I could ever have imagined.

So then the lady called Mia's name. I picked up Mia (baby, blankie, snack cup and all) and walked to the counter. She asked if she had said her name right and I said she had. She handed me a certificate and had me sign it in several places. She then handed me a duplicate copy and had me sign in all the same places. She then said "Here is her ceritificate". She handed it to me and then reached back and handed me a little American flag. It was a simple little flag. Nothing special. I took the flag from her and as I did I started crying. That moment just hit me like a ton of bricks. After all the years of longing and praying for this child, she was ours and nobody could take her away. I wish I could say all these amazing things floated through my head about that flag and all that it meant to me and why it hit me like that. But honestly I don't know what it was about seeing that flag but for whatever reason it is the most special little flag to me. We worked hard to get Mia that little flag and I am not going to let anything happen to it!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Our Vacation Rental...

We were in a groove. It was a beautiful day. The whole family took our first walk. Leaves were turning. Neighbors were chatty. Good friends brought by a 1/2 gallon of Murray's ice cream. The night before, another friend dropped off a handle of 1554. Butde had prepared a midwestern meal. We had a simple goal: get the girls down, eat ice cream and watch game 7. Everything seemed headed that way; we were on pace. In the bathtub, there was laughing and singing and dancing. "Hadley Who" was downstairs sleeping under the care of Butde.

And then Brianna fell.

On the bathroom tile. Head-first. Her head split open like a melon. There was blood. There were tears. Bri was also crying - and hyperventilating. Mia was confused.

So we decided that I (dad) should take her to our second home -what I call our "vacation rental": Children's Mercy Hospital. For a mere $30 co-pay, you can take your children to this destination resort, complete with Wyland-like depictions of sea creatures on the wall, all the toys a kid could want, and cable. When we were released around 11 PM that night, the hourly rate was down to a mere $7/hr.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"When she awakes..."

Mia continues to do well. For the most part, she has returned to her sweet, happy self. It's amazing what routine, structure, rythym, and love will do. However, ever since we've returned from the hospital she often wakes up sad - similar to when we first brought her home from China. This is different than just being cranky or "waking up on the wrong side of the bed." Her cries have been mournful and searching, sometimes angry.

It is striking how connected I am to her emotionally. When she's in a funk, I'm in a funk. When she's happy, I am happy. When she has a rough morning, I'm a bear. I can only imagine how I'll feel when she has her first break-up or gets her first B. (just kidding). Parenting doesn't get easier, does it?

So my prayer over her life is Psalm 139 and there's this particular line that means so much to me. It says simply "When I awake, I am with thee." That's been my prayer for our daughter lately. That, when she awakes, she will know that her God is with her, has always been with her, and forever still.

We're Completely In Control

Hadley Who @ 2 weeks

Saturday, October 18, 2008


For the last few mornings, we have worried whether the girls' room has been too cold. It's always tough to know. Do we leave the fan on at night? If so, on "high" or on "low?" Do we put them in onesie's or just in their pajamas? Socks or no socks? Thick sleepsack or thin? Oh the questions are endless.

Normally, Elise is the better gauge. She's always more in tune to issues of temperature. I, of course, can be rather clueless about such things. I really don't realize whether I am hot or cold until Elise asks me. If we're driving together, for example, she'll ask me "Aren't you hot?" And I'll think about it for a while. I'll then observe that the car's heat has been on high and blasting our faces for the past 20 minutes. Then I will casually respond, "Why yes, why yes I am."

Happens all the time.

All that to say, normally she's our benchmark for determining whether our girls' teeth will chatter throughout the night. But ever since Elise's pregnancy, her hormones have skewed her ability to gauge, among other things. So we really just now kind of wing it.

So the last few mornings, both Mia and Bri's skin has seemed a bit frosty. And when I would grab her from the crib, Mia would pat her head continuously (which is sign language for "hat"). This, I deemed, was her way of saying that she wanted to wear her skater beanie not just for style, but for warmth - knowing that it would accomplish both.
But we didn't have their skater beanie anywhere. In fact, I had no hats to offer her cold head. But I did have a diaper. A swimming diaper. With little Dora the Explorer on the front. Mia, in fact, had the idea first. She brought it to me and, if I remember correctly, began to motion again to her head. And I thought, "These diapers have padding. They have layers, of sorts. Minus a few holes, they'll fit tight and snug around the head and thus, trap all of its heat."

So I put it on her. And she liked it.
Then Bri wanted her own diaper. On her head.
So I told Mia to get her one. And she did.
Then I felt left out and asked myself if I too had a cold head.
"Why yes, why yes I do," I said.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mia Update

Mia has been doing much better. She's starting to giggle again and is returning to her old, sweet and playful self.

We have spoken to some friends in the adoption community and have learned that we are not the first to experience such a setback. It turns out that it's really quite common for adopted children to really struggle when their parents leave them (as we did for two nights in the hospital). It's amazing but the scar of abandonment (and the fear of future rejection) is a powerful demon.

Thanks to the many of you who have asked and prayed. We're grateful and hope that tomorrow conitnues the upward trend.

Viva La Vida

Raising kids is a physical job. For example, what is it about babies insisting that you stand up while bouncing them? Mia woke up around 5 AM on Saturday morning and (a) insisted that I hold her the entire time and (b) refused to let me sit while doing so. I pleaded with her but she kept saying curtly, "No. No. No." When I tried to sneak a sit, she went bezerk. When I'd stand, she'd sniffle herself back to calm.

But it's not the lifting/bending/tickling that wears you out. It's the emotional energy that's demanded of you. Yesterday, in just one hour's time, we had to worry about (a) whether Hadley had too much rubbing alcohol on her umbilical cord after we had to clean a major blow-out (b) whether Mia had eaten unidentifiable berries from a tree in the backyard and (c) if Bri was going to be okay after falling off the swingset.

That was just in one hour.

And it's not that you're just surviving each incident and then moving on. Oh no. You analyze it for hours/days afterwards. Over and over in your head, you ask things like, "Was it my fault?" or "Could I have been paying better attention?" or "Does Hadley have my feet?"

Which would not be good. My feet are a major concern of many. My brother recently pleaded with me to treat them. He even mailed me some below the counter anti-fungal cream that he swears by. My friends from college still ask, "Deebs, how are your feet doing?"

Like I said, there is no shortage of things to worry over. No doubt - I'm going to become pyscho dad when my girls go to, say, their first prom. I'll freak out about their curfew, the young men that court them, their MENSA score, and whether my girls' heels or pumps disguise the fact that they have their old man's feet.

Babies Kissing Babies

Hey, Check Out My Mullet

What Recession?

Ahh, if only we all could sleep like that during times like this!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Rewind...

A few fun facts about Hadley's birth:

  • All three girls were given to us on a Sunday. Talk about P.K.'s

  • The nurse (Angie) called me out for leaving the room and eating a Big Mac during the epidural. What she didn't know was that I NEEDED to leave the room during that stage. I passed out (or nearly, not sure which) during Bri's epidural.

  • Bri's Labor: 26 hours Hadley's Labor: 9 hours Mia's Labor: 2 1/2 years

  • Hadley: all it took was 3 pushes. Barely.

  • Hadley had a knotted umbilical cord. Looks like we have a little Shawn Johnson on our hands.

  • Shawnee Mission Medical's cafeteria food kills over Menorah's.

  • Their "man cots" are far superior as well.

  • My first bonehead dad move in Hadley's lifetime:

We decided to put Hadley in the hospital nursery at night in-between feedings so that we could get some sleep - thinking that it might be the last time we will be able to in about 8 years. Somehow, however, in the middle of the night, Elise changed her mind and asked to keep Hadley. This was not discussed and I - in my sleep inebriated way - was a bit fuzzy on how it went down. Then Elise woke me up around 4 AM (I think) and said, "Could you check Hadley's diaper?" To which I tersely replied: "Why is she not in the nursery?"

Not my finest hour.

But man, talk about the difference between a mother's heart and a father's heart. Given the choice, a Dad will always opt for sleep. But my wife? What's sleep when you can be with your all hours?

I married up.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hadley & Brianna. Hmmm.

care to take a gander as to who is who?

Hands Over Hadley

Pumpkin Patch (thanks Owen!)

Hadley is pretty amazing. She eats like a champ and has yet to poop since coming home. My wife says that's bad but I can think of worse things.
Her sisters were better today.
Mia? Mia is still not doing well, though. I have now resorted to driving her around town, just to get her to calm down. A few days ago, we drove to Eudora and back. Nothing has felt more manly. Just me and my daughter, cruising Eudora in the minivan.
Bri? Well, Bri just wants to dance. Our current rotation on itunes is Smashmouth's version of "I'm a Believer." Her all time is Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry Be Happy." I also try and mix in a little U2, just to keep things respectable.
Mom? Mom is amazing. A strong, strong woman that wife of mine. I spend more time trying to slow her down than anything else. Tonight, I had to banish her to the couch.
Dad? Dad can't remember anyone's names.

The Walk - a poem

I found your blankie at the bridge
Bright pink draped over a rail
Glimmering at high noon...

It had been a great walk.
I returned in triumph. Good dad.
Takes his kids on walks.

I asked you where your blankie was
You stared blankly back. Bad dad.
Never pays attention.

I got in the car and broke many laws
Up streets and down, double-back
Looking for your blankie.

I prepared my speech to Mom
And I planned forgeries for you.
Barefoot, I ran through the park.

I felt wild; I felt lost.

So much on the line.
Your nap, your bedtime, your A.C.T. score
I made my last turn. Barefoot.

There it was. I looked around
Gold for any one's taking.
My arms raised. Rocky style.

good dad.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hadley Who?

We're praying that "Hadley B" becomes our little "chill" baby. You know, the kind of munchkin that you can ignore but that still sweetly minds its own business, picks up after itself, and becomes the next president of the united states. So far, she is on track.

Maybe a little too much so.

In the last 24 hours, I've been discharged from two different hospitals (read prior post), Bower has puked on the couch twice, Brianna has fallen out of her high chair, and Mia is holding me hostage. She won't go to anyone else and she won't leave my lap. That doesn't mean, however, that she's been all that happy having me as her POW. Perhaps the below picture says it best:

So needless to say, our re-entry has been less than smooth. The girls have actually demonstrated great intrigue in Hadley and will frequently go over to her bouncy, cautiously point and say, "Baby! Baby!" But it's clear that the events of the last 2 days have been traumatic on them (Mia especially). And, in truth, Elise and I weren't prepared for the intensity of it all and are pretty overwhelmed.

So much so that, at one point in the fray, Elise asked me to do something for Hadley. Half hearing her and half distracted by one of the other girls, I absentmindedly replied,
"Hadley who?"

Mia? Mia!

Okay, here's my favorite moment of the day.

When Papa and I took Mia to the hospital this morning, Brianna woke up back at the house soon after and was greatly alarmed to not find her sister lying in the crib beside her. This, of course, had never happened before and so understandably Bri was disallusioned by the whole thing. And, Butde (my Mom) will tell you that the whole morning she seemed sad - pointing to pictures of Elise and saying "Mama! Mama!" and also citing Mia's name as she walked about the house.

Meanwhile...on our way home from the hospital, Mia fell asleep and, since she never makes the transition from car seat to crib very well AND because she desperately needed sleep, Papa offerred to just stay with Mia in the mini-van in our driveway while I went and spent time with Bri inside. As I came through the door, Bri bounded around the kitchen corner. She stopped looked at me, then BEHIND me, then back at me. And she said, "Mia?"

"No, sweetie," I replied. "Mia's not here yet."
"Mia?" she continued.
"No, not yet, honey."
"Mia?" she insisted.

As I began to object a third time, Brianna marched to the back door and began to chant her sister's name - over and over and over - in protest.

Oh man. Talk about melting a daddy's heart. Until just the day before, I had never heard her say her sister's name so clearly. These two girls are such good friends. They hug each other, they get the other's blanket when in meltdown, and they even have their own language. For example, blankie is "ahh gee gee"...Mia's name for Bri is "Ta Ta"...and they both call me "Maestro". It's strange, but our pediatrician says they'll grow out of it.

pray for mia

Hadley is doing awesome - we've just been discharged. Brianna is bouncing around the house, happy as can be. But Mia is not doing so hot. She appears to have reverted back to the early days of when we first brought her home - clingy, cranky, uncertain.

I had to rush home early this morning and take her to Children's Mercy Urgent Care because she was experiencing severe abdominal pain again. All tests were inconclusive but we're going to meet with a gastrointestinal specialist next to see if we can get to the bottom of it.

But, in the least, she's experiencing the perfect storm - her parents are gone, lots of new faces are around the house, she's getting over a rough virus (104 temp/rash/etc), has a loss of appetite, and is extremely exhausted. So we're eager to get home and bring some normalcy and routine back into her sweet world.

We'll write more at a later date but please pray for her especially and for Hadley's introduction to her big sisters.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Introducing Hadley Barton Deeble

Hadley Barton Deeble
Born on Sunday, October 5, 2008
4:28 PM
8 lbs 3 oz
20 inches long

Isn't She?


This was our view as we headed out the door to the hospital. Comforting, huh? Mia and Bri were pretty sure that Hadley could wait. Poor Butde and Papa.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Game Changer

It had only been 8 days since returning from china. Mia was doing well but was nowhere near adjusted. Brianna was utterly confused. She was excited to have another warm body around the house to entertain but couldn't understand why we were dressing them both exactly alike.

In short, our house was absolute chaos. An 11-month old. A 7-month old. Blissful chaos.

And then Elise began to feel not so well. She went to the doctor and explained her symptoms: nausea at all hours, especially in the morning, etc. The Doctor* listened intently and then promptly wrote her a prescription for drugs.

The next day, a friend, J.P., came by. He and his wife have twins - one of the few who could relate to our situation. In a private moment, he asked, "Deebs, are you guys on birth control?" I told him no, that we weren't overly concerned - given our past difficulties getting pregnant, and that we were tired of trying to control everything in our lives.

J.P. winced at my logic and said, "Yeah. My wife's afraid you'd say that. We're scared for you guys."
Our conversation got into my head a bit. So later that night I asked Elise how she was feeling. "Still kinda funny," she said.
"Any chance you're pregnant?" I asked, squeaking out the question.
"Oh way," she replied.

"Do you still have a pregnancy test left?" I asked (note: we used to have the Costco-sized supply, going through nearly one test a month)

"I think we maybe have one," she said.
"Should we use it?" I asked.
"Well, let's wait a couple of days and I'm sure this cold will blow over," she said.
"Um, why don't we use it now." I said.

We first sat down for a nice meal that some friends had prepared (we were still receiving food from our church to help us through Mia's arrival). We had been looking forward to this night for a few days, referring to it affectionately as "date night"- we had a bottle of wine, we had good italian, the girls were down for the night, and I had rented a move. Woo. hoo.

Elise got up from the table and slipped into the bathroom. I could hear her unwrap the packaging. I sat in my chair and swirled my shiraz. I looked slowly around the room, taking it all in. I looked at the two high chairs, the laundry piles on the counter, and I stared into my wine glass as one would a crystal ball. I thought to myself, "This is a game changer." Everything could change in our lives and it all depended on what happened when my wife walked out of that bathroom.
I began to run scenarios in my head. "If the door opens and she swiftly walks out," I thought. "Then she's not pregnant. But, " I countered, "if the door dramatically swings open and I hear no footsteps...we're, well...we're...." I couldn't complete my thought.
The door swung open and she walked swiftly out. "Whew," I thought and began to resume my breathing. Elise came right up to me, thrust the test into my hand and blurted, "I can't bear to look." I began to object on the basis that I didn't know how to read the test. I've never known if I'm to look for a blue line, pink line, two lines, or whathaveya. Fortunately for me it just said, "Pregnant" on it.
I gave Elise a look. She said, "Daniel, don't mess with me!!!"
"I'm not messing with you, hon, you're pregnant." I said.
Elise found her way slowly back to the chair, as if she were blindfolded and was inching her way there. I don't remember what I did. We were silent for a while.
Finally, Elise spoke. "So much for date night," she said.
*Note: this Doctor was a stand-in substitute for our normal primary physician, whom we totally dig.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Getting the House Ready for Hadley

Butde and Papa (my folks) have brought their RV out from California and plan to stay 6 weeks with us to help out. We are so amazingly blessed by this.

So, to get ready, Butde has been - among many other things - freezing meals and Papa has enlisted his own corp of engineers on some long-needed house projects.