Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'm fine with it. Really. I am.

We had some friends over to celebrate the 4th with us. One of them was Miles. Miles is five and he's impressive. He's tall. He's kind. He's smart. He's handsome. And he's an older man. So I was very curious to see how the d.daughters would respond, Brianna in particular. The answer is not so well.

Exhibit A: in the below footage, you'll notice (a) how aware Bri is of Miles' every move (2) her giggle (daddynote: it was so fake. her giggles for me are so much better. she was just pumping his ego. How did she learn this?) (3) her shoulder tuck (4) her blue steel and then (5) her penetrating stare. Scary.

Exhibit B: project-bonding.

Exhibit C: play-bonding. What guy isn't looking for a little buddy time?

Exhibit D: prayer-bonding. Up until today, Bri would only hold my hand during our meal-time prayer. She would not hold her sisters and she would not hold her Moms. But today, she seemed to have little difficulty reaching for the 5-year old's hand. This is just classic, textbook Christian seduction.

Exhibit E: this was no prayer, I assure you.

Exhibit F: they were even great in the kitchen together. Miles made her tea and even did the dishes, the little devil.

Exhibit G: the girls are very insistent that we all sit in our respective seats. I, for example, am always to sit at the head of the table. Until today, that is. We were all informed that Miles is to now sit at the head of the table.

Exhibit H: as he was coming down the stairs to leave, Miles grabbed Brianna's hand to assist her down as well. This was quite chivalrous and I appreciated it - knowing that my daughter is still a little shaky on the stairs. I did not, however, think she'd have any difficulty from the bottom step on, but apparently so. Brianna held Miles' hand all the way into the kitchen.

I'm fine with it. Really. I am.

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Z-girl said...

And it begins! It will be fun watching you handle this process with three girls!