Monday, September 14, 2009

Family Pictures - Sneak Peak

Last friday we had a photo session with Jamie Miller at Antioch Park. We arrived all clean, nicely dressed and excited for a fun time. In spite of Jamie's unbelievable enthusiasm and patience, we left exhausted, stressed, sweaty, dirty and frustrated.

Jamie does a fabulous job, but trying to get three strong willed, adventerous girls whose favorite phrase is "All by Myself" (at least for Mia and Bri) to stand still for one moment and look at the camera at the same time. Impossible!!!!!

I kept telling myself (Elise) that I needed to just chill out. Jamie was chilled, Dan seemed chilled but if you know me, that is usually next to impossible for me. After all isn't the perfectly happy, all smiling family picture a farse anyway? In reality, one child is probably being bribed to smile, another one is plotting revenge on a sibling and the parents have the fakest smiles plastered on their faces.

The biggest shock to me was that the most difficult to corral was Hadley. She is 11 months old but thinks she is two. She was so mad that she couldn't walk everywhere all by herself just like her big sisters.

Jamie as always was upbeat and positive. Saying don't worry we got some great stuff. She was right. The following link has a sneak peak of one picture she got:

We will post the rest when we get them.


grey like snuffie said...

that's great...why go traditional is ALWAYS my, joy, joy

Jamie said...

oh, and the rest of your sneak peek is on it's way!!! almost done!! okay, one question for you from an image below... how do you keep three small children from mixing play dough? All of our containers are one color now... :)

Stewart Family Blog said...

hey deebles! it had been a couple of weeks since i had my deeble blog fix! so good to see you guys! i love the family pic and can't wait to see the rest. miss you!