Saturday, February 6, 2010


Thank you everyone for praying. We have felt it and you were heard. We have a signed contract on our house!!!! Just typing that has made me start crying. Tuesday the sign went in the yard and I balled in the car all the way over to inspections on my new house. This house was my first baby and it is going to be so hard to leave it.

It has been a crazy, fast ride these last few days. But we are really excited and the buyer has given us our wild request to rent back for up to 6 weeks or more. And to top it off she is giving us the first month of staying here for free. We can't tell you what an answer to prayer that is. Now we can get a bunch of major remodeling and construction things done on the new house before moving in. And even more importantly, we will have a long transition window to introduce the girls and in particular Mia to the new house.

And finally it meant that the Deeble girls got to come home. The girls, dogs and I went to my parents on Tuesday and were planning to stay until Sunday evening. Dan and I were shaking our heads trying to figure out how we were going to live in the house while showing it this next week. We had a crazy number of showings each day. So thankfully we instead got to come home Saturday night before all the snow hit and were able to cancel the open house scheduled for Sunday.

So thank you for all your prayers!!!!



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Sarah B said...

The Leimers are happy for you guys!

Stewart Family Blog said...

wow! that's just awesome news! celebrating with you guys! will continue praying for all the transition ahead.

Z-girl said...

That is awesome news! God's ways are so good. Celebrating your blessings and praying for what is ahead. How fun for the girls to be part of making the next place your home!