Saturday, April 10, 2010

From a blogosphere perspective, I feel a bit like Joseph. You know, Jesus' dad. Well, his surrogate. Legal guardian. Mary's husband. Whatever. He was Mr. Dad of the Year to start. Had visions, saw angels, and acted on them. He was like Chevy Chase planning the family Triptik - leading them to Bethlehem, then Egypt, then to Galilee. He was all in a tizzy when Jesus went missing at age twelve. Then - POOF! He's gone. Not a word. Not a reference. Not a blip. According to scholars, Joseph was either a deadbeat Dad or he was dead.

This, I think, represents my blogging life. Brianna's born, then our adventure to China, then the Hadley invasion and I'm a blogging machine. In a word, prolific. But - like Joseph - I started out strong, then fizzled. It's been months since I've posted a word.

I've been thinking about this, though. Maybe Joseph was actually alive and around. What if he were such a great dad that it wasn't even necessary to mention him? What if his greatness was so well known that it would've been wasted papyrus to write it down? What if he were such a humble servant of his family that he didn't have time to jockey for gospel acclaim and instead was behind the scenes, focused on raising a rather - shall we say - well adjusted son?

What if you're actually a better Dad the less you blog about your kids and not more?


Chad and Christa said...

Hey Dan -

My father-in-law wrote a book several years ago speculating on Joseph's undocumented life. Chad mentioned your post to him today because of your similar musings. I think he's sending you a copy now.

Christa Jenkins

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Tim said...

I like you. Good dad. Good Joseph.