Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Brianna's Birthday Party - Number One

Brianna gets to have two birthday parties to celebrate her third birthday. She had her first one at Nana and Poppy's this past weekend and gets to have her second one in California with Butde and Papa on her actual birthday.

She got tons of dress up clothes for her birthday from Nana and Poppy. At first she was only interested in her dressed that could twirl. However she has since then learned that some of them are also fun to wiggle in.

Here are some pics from the party and of the girls dressing up.

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grey like snuffie said...

Such joy, such glee....such beauty. Glory I'm having flashbacks to 19 years ago...both of our girls had to do the twirl test when buying anything new....One of Brianna's outfits looks much like our youngest favorite outfit of all time....the pink feathery headpiece is still hanging in her bedroom....ahhhh, sweet memories of years of dance classes and recitals.