Thursday, December 23, 2010

Brianna's First Ballet Show

So Bri's dance school was genius. They never once had to tell the parents about their annual Holiday Dance Performance called Clara's Dream. They just told the little girls about it and gave them each a flier to take home. Brianna slept with the flier by her bed for a month. Every night we had to look for it and make sure that it was by her bed. It was first described to me as "the thing that I want to go to".

Surprise, surprise she got her way. Mommy, Brianna, Miss Tara and her best friend Eva all went to Clara's dream. It was one of the longest 2.5 hours of my life. It was priceless. Brianna and Eva could hardly contain themselves they were so excited when the dancing first began. Bri kept hugging me and saying "Thank you, Mommy". The dancing was amazing. I kept getting choked up thinking that could be one of my daughters someday.

The challenge was that I have never seen Brianna so excited in her life. She could not sit still for one second. The poor people all around us handled it amazingly well. But I was exhausted just watching her and trying to calm her. The funniest thing is that she was very mad and confused when she first saw some boys up on the stage. She kept saying Mommy why are there boys up there.

So just a few days ago I was telling all the girls that at the end of dance season Brianna would have a recital and we would all go watch her dance up on a big stage. Bri then said "Mommy will I dance with a boy?". Heaven help us. She is only three and that was her first question.

Mia and Hadley insisted on a picture of them ready for their time with Daddy:

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pam said...

I'm telling have no idea of the fun to come. Oh how the questions will slowly change over time...til one day she'll be dying hoping to be dancing with a certain boy...maybe she'll be the one who keeps sharing all those questions with you... it's a gift to have one who shares her heart...some keep it so guarded and you pray hard for ways to catch a glimpse. Oh such sweet will cost you something but oh so many cool moments ahead.