Sunday, January 2, 2011

Poor Sweet Little Bri

In case you are wondering why Brianna did not go skiing. Here is why:

She was sick for a little more than 1 week. Yes, pretty much our entire vacation. She rallied and played in the snow but we couldn't bring ourselves to let her ski. She got it from Hadley who was also sick our entire vacation. There is so much more to that story that we will post later. We are still trying to recover from her.

Dan and I have almost lost all faith that we will ever truly have a vacation again. It will some day get better, right?

Lastly, here is Mia trying to give her sister moral support.

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pam said...

By and by we make it through...what we thought would never end....we survive...we surrender our grand ideas and gasp in awe at the moments of joy that really do come when "it" happens or works...that while we know we're not in control we did survive. And some days survival is good.