Monday, March 7, 2011

Guinea Family

Mia tucked her Guinea Family in for a little nap. We were given three baby guinea's and a mommy Guinea as a gift from friends. Each girl got a baby and I got a mommy but they ran out and so Dan didn't get a daddy. Mia was very disturbed by not having a daddy and so I had to scour all the Beanie Baby retailers in town and finally found a daddy guinea on the Internet.
Mia adores her family of guineas. The word "Family" hits a deep spot in her little heart. She especially loves that her guinea patches looks the same as the mommy and daddy guinea. Bri and Hadley's guineas are different. Right now the bulk of her affection comes through the guineas. Dan and I daily have to kiss and love on the guineas and we in turn receive tons of love from them.

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