Monday, May 30, 2011

The Big Recital

The Big Day finally arrived. Here is Brianna with her best friend waiting for their recital to begin. It was absolutely precious. It was a mad rush to the recital and somehow Poppy, Aunt Mei Mei and cousin Brooke managed to get three seats on the front row smack dab in front of Brianna. (out of 1500 spectators). We are still waiting on pictures from Poppy.

Notable quotes from the recital:

Hadley - "Where are the boys?" Hadley was obsessed with the boy dancers and asked Nana this question at the beginning of each dance routine
Brianna - "Is there another one?"
Mia - when asked what her favorite dance routine was. "My favorite one was the one my sister Brianna was in"

The adults could only handle one hour of the 3.5 hour long recital. I think the kids could have made it the entire time. However all the adults were emotionally and physically exhausted and bruised after being sat on, climbed on and walked on for one hour. I venture to say the row in front of and behind us was glad to see us leave.

Now we have a problem on our hands. All three girls want to take dance.


pam said...

3.5 HOURS????? Glory that is torture. Our girls did dance for years. So many fun memories of those days. Thankfully our teacher broke the recitals into 2 nights because she had so many classes. I always LOVED the outfits. Hmmm, I must have gotten rid of them at some point. They're not in the closet with the prom, dance and wedding dresses. hmmmmm. We always limited how many different extra things our girls could do. They chose dance and piano. SO MUCH EASIER than all the sports stuff.

dan and elise said...

Yeah it is 3.5 hours and it is broken into 2 nights. So they have 7 hours worth of recitals. CRAZY!

Brett Barton said...

Good report. I can't imagine sitting through one hour of that, much less 3.5. That's crazy! So Hadley wants to dance...with the boys??? said...
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Sean and Paige Whiting said...

Whatever you need to do in between softball practices if fine by Uncle Whity! Go Deeble Girls!