Monday, March 19, 2012

Too Tight!

For most of her life, Hadley has complained about things being too tight. Her socks are too tight. The car seat is too tight. Her bathrobe is too tight. Her scream is incessant and inconsolable.

Now...after Hadley's fall down the backyard slide squished between two sisters, she now has something REALLY to scream about: a HARD CAST. She broke a bone on her right elbow and possibly one near her wrist, poor girl.

This is unfortunate on many levels.
1. Hadley is right-handed.
2. Hadley eats with both hands - sometimes with a utensil. Oftentimes not.
3. Hadley hates to get wet, anywhere. If an article of clothing gets wet or even damp, it comes off. Hard casts don't come off.

We can't wait for the itch to begin...

1 comment:

pam said...

oh dear...I apologize. I might be giggling over the image in my mind of an ITCHING child.