Monday, April 2, 2012

A Call to Prayer

Please, please pray for our friend Matt Nagel, age 35 , his wife Molly and daughter. This family needs a miracle and has already been through so much this last year. Matt suffered from a stroke while running with friends Sunday. He received two surgeries and was responsive, but is non-responsive today & now going into induced hypothermia so that the swelling (which is a 32 on a scale of 1-20, 20 being highest risk for damage due to swelling) can possibly go down. His wife and family have been told that the doctors have done all they possibly can.

PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM - that the swelling goes down as his body cools. He is in the highest risk for damage caused by swelling over the next couple days.

For more information you can follow his journey on CarringBridge:


pam said...

Praying. My hubby had surgery on his spine yesterday, just noticed this, don't know when you posted. I love this scripture: Isa 65:24........ "It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer, and while they are speaking I will hear."

Thankful that God is bigger than the spoken word of man. No matter what doctors THINK is the norm in their understanding of the human body GOD IS ABLE to do so much more. Praying for Matt: I speak LIFE and healing to his body and peace for his family. Will continue to pray as He leads.

pam said...

SHOOT...we rejoice with the one who is now face to face, how glorious to fully know now. But we weep and uphold the ones who have now lost. God alone knows how to carry them through. God, You are matter the outcome, this outcome that we cried out against. You have taken Matt to the fullness of healing, into Your presence. Be all those left behind, his family and friends, need. When they don't feel it You will be the One to carry them through, collecting each precious tear. Oh Father, thank You for loving this precious family, thank You for choosing them to know You. Speak eternal life to this community of love, in the midst of death. We are so much more than this physical body and Matt has returned to where we all belong. Peace and much grace to all who carry on here. In Jesus name, amen

Thank you for sharing....for the privilege to stand in the gap for this family. WOW, how God loves them. He's been stirring me to pray all hours of the day. His eye is upon them, this is not an end....the story of Love goes on.