Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Did It!

I got my husband to eat cucumbers and raw zucchini and like it.  Butde, can you believe it?  How did I do this you might ask.  Home grown veggies and pickling.  If you love food, love to cook or just love to read about cooking and recipes (that is me) you should subscribe to Cuisine at Home:  

It is an Amazing Magazine and everything I have ever made out of it tastes AWESOME.   My amazing mother occasionally gets the whim to give me subscriptions.  Thank you, Mom.  Their pickling recipe is fast and delicious.  And they suggest pickling cucumbers, zucchini, squash, corn and more.  Who would have thought all five of us have loved the cucumbers and zucchini.  And on top of it they just look pretty.

On a sad note.  I lost one of my gorgeous zucchini plants to Squash vine borers.  I have done minor surgery on two others hoping to save them but I am afraid this might be the last of my zucchini.  But I am on alert to try to keep them from getting my yellow squash and cucumber.


pam said...

You are a wonder, you will try anything and seem to figure out what to do if at first you don't succeed. I just tried a half pickling process in hopes of creating pickles like Ted's Montana Grill. So far they haven't quite worked. Cucumbers are part of the menu plan for the holiday week, although I have to buy mine.

dan and elise said...

Pam, you should try this one. It is simple. Only takes about 20 minutes. Super easy and delicious. Dan just this morning said he would always eat vegetables this way.

Next year I am going to have to grow Dill and Jalapenos so that I have almost all the ingredients for pickling. :)