Monday, October 1, 2012

Higgens Moving Out!

Bye, bye Higgens.  I am really sorry about your cut nose and bloody paws.  I know you didn't enjoy your temporary cage residence.  But I think you will like your new home better.  Lots of woods and prairies.  Maybe you will find your true love there.

And if you ever want to be a guest at our house.  Beware.  We just might make you help capture and release our creatures.

Dan and our friend and guest speaker at church this morning, John Stothers, came home from church exhausted from doing two services and still had one more service ahead of them at 5.  However, both guys didn't seem to mind the adventure of releasing an animal in the wild.  I think they got a little energy from it.  For the record, Dan got him out of the car and released him at the park.  He didn't want John to get all the glory.

Note:  the video is there.  I don't know why it loaded with the stripes.

Higgens Leaving Video from Elise Deeble on Vimeo.

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pam said...

Shoot, I was hoping for video of the actual release. That's okay, I'm imagining!