Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Big Christmas Present Surprise

I built a stage for the girls for Christmas (complete with background scenery).  I saw one on Pinterest and have been in love with it ever since.  So this is the last year that I can probably construct a surprise right under the girls' noses.  I built, stained and painted the stage in the garage.  They kept asking what it was and I kept being evasive.  Bri even said at one point "oh she isn't telling us what it is.....I wonder...."

After the girls would go to bed on a couple of nights I would have Dan help haul it out of the storage room so I could hang the brackets for the curtains and figure out where to paint the tree.  I would take it all down and put it back.  I even tried to cover up the tree with boxes but came down and Mia was sitting between the box and the wall staring at the tree.  So I had to give that up.  Bri then wanted to know what the silver brackets were on the walls up high.  That girl is just like her mother and doesn't miss much.   They love it.

Is it any wonder that Dan's girls are performers!!!

We don't yet have a good video of Hadley but I think Hadley dreams all night about being a popstar.  She does nothing but watch Barbi the Princess and the Popstar over and over.  She has every move down.  It is quite a site to watch.

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