Monday, November 2, 2009

top 5 quotes of the week....

1. Mia , while potty training: "Daddy, the poopy's stuck in my bottom."

2. Daddy: "Hadley, no headbanging."

3. Brianna & Daddy:

d: Brianna? What are you doing to Hadley?
b: I'm putting lotion on her feet.
d: Where did you find lotion?
b: From my mouth.
d: Bri, that's not lotion. That's saliva.
b: No, it's lotion.

4. Mia, while playing in the creek at the Arboretum: "Dude!"

5. Elise, commenting on my sermon from Sunday in which I talked about a big argument we had gotten into: "I think you really undersold just what a jerk you really were."


grey like snuffie said...

Sorry...but at 4 in the morning, number 5

grey like snuffie said...

#5 is still funny 4 hours later...that line keeps going through my definitely tops bodily byproducts.

A* said...

#5 Really is a classic. Love my babies but can relate more to #5.