Wednesday, November 18, 2009

welcome to the jungle

The below videos should capture a vivid snapshot of what our nightly routine looks AND sounds like.

Video #1: Competing Melodies

Double Seeing Girls from Elise Deeble on Vimeo.

Video #2: Mommy Won't Sing and Daddy Can't
Also notice the excellent save by Daddy during the last 7 seconds. Hadley sneaks up on him, trips over his leg, and Daddy somehow (SOMEHOW I SAY!) manages to catch her head in the palm of his hand WHILE simultaneously capturing his own heroism on tape.

Not Singing Alone from Elise Deeble on Vimeo.

Video #3: Mommy Knows Best, Always, At All Hours, From All Angles.

Untitled from Elise Deeble on Vimeo.

This video can be best enjoyed with a transcript:
Mom: "Someone's gonna get seriously hurt."
Dad: "I know."
{Loud cries}
Mom: "Theeere it is."
Dad: "Whattya think?"
Mom: "She's holding her breath."
Dad: "Oh, ya think so."
Mom: "Yes!"
Dad: "It's pretty quiet..."
{Loud Screams}
Dad: "Oh yeah. You're right. You're right."

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grey like snuffie said...

Was that doubting of the "mother" I heard there.... LOL I am now tired...