Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Tree Adventure

It was just another day in the life....
  • Second tree attempt
  • First began with meltdown disaster
  • Freezing cold and windy
  • After dark
  • During bath time
  • Wild, excited girls
  • No employees near trees
  • Daddy not dressed very warmly
  • Daddy can't find wallet
  • Hadley falls in cart
  • Mouth bleeding
  • Mommy pushes giant cart with girls and pulls tree to car
  • Daddy searches for wallet
  • Home depot searches for wallet
  • Chili's searches for wallet
  • Mommy searches for wallet
  • Daddy finds wallet in car
  • Girls buckled in
  • Tree hoisted on top of car
  • Drive Home

Another priceless day with the Deebles