Monday, November 29, 2010

Grandparent of the Year Award

Here is Poppy assisting with playing Mr. Potato Head on the computer. Poppy hands down earned the grandparent of the Year Award by his efforts over Thanksgiving day alone. I think he single handedly entertained 8 grandchildren on his own for 10 hours straight. His games consisted of the following:

30 rounds of Mr. Potato Head

Spinning on a chair

Breaking up numerous fights

Treadmill walking and toy jumping*

Humpty Dumpty (on Nana's bed)

Hide and Seek (in the house)

Watching "The House on the Haunted Hill" (Deeble girls were banned from viewing)

However due to my niece receiving second degree burns on the treadmill his award was REVOKED. So instead the award goes to Nana for handling all the aforementioned games being played inside her house . And for giving Poppy a firm scolding and telling him I told you so regarding the treadmill.

Better luck next year, Poppy.

*WE do NOT recommend this game. In all seriousness, one grandchild suffered second degree burns on her hand and is meeting with a burn specialist today. You can pray that the tendons on two of her fingers will be ok.

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pam said...

8 grandchildren for 10 hours!!!!!!!!! That is beyond award level. GLORY!!!!!
Praying the wounded child has a miraculous touch from the hand of God! What man may speak holds no power in regards to God's abilities! Praying He makes a way for healing!