Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brianna's 4th Barbie Birthday Bash

Brianna turned 4 on July 15th and we had her Barbie Birthday Bash on Sunday the 17th (2 days after getting her staple in her head and returning from vacation).

Brianna was given the choice of celebrating her birthday while on vacation with her family and cousins or having a "friend" party at home. She requested a friend party and listed off each friend that she wanted to invite. Thank you friends for coming. It was a blast and Brianna was smiling and squealing the entire time.

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pam said...

Beautiful...although I might be a bit jealous of her tiara....mine is all diamonds. I'm thinking the colors are GREAT! Yes I'm 53 and I have a tiara. (c: I won it at a Bunko game, but for my 53rd birthday a friend gave me a special pink wand with ribbons to go with it. I'm sure it has mom powers. (c: I miss those days of little girl birthdays.