Saturday, July 2, 2011

One More Chance

Hadley has been on a really well behaved streak so I (Elise) thought maybe we could take off the childproof doorknob thing that was duct taped on the doorknob inside her bedroom. Yes, duct taped.

Yesterday at the end of naptime, I was greeted by "Hi, mom!". There was Hadley on the stairway. Then last night Hadley made an appearance outside her door after being put down.

Well the kicker was today at naptime. I was stupidly out in the backyard in the 100 degree weather putting a soaker hose and some mulch on some wilting plants with the monitor clipped on my shorts. Maybe 30 minutes into naptime, I turned around and started walking back to the house when I hear a little voice and look up to see a little body walking down the steps on the deck. After a calm but firm scolding her response was "But Mommy I wanted to be with you because I like you so much". She started bawling heartbroken, went back into the house, took off her sandals (yes, she had put them on) and walked all the way to her bed crying with her head held down.

This coming from the girl who had been on a daddy kick for the last 6 months and has wanted nothing to do with me. After all that cuteness I didn't have the heart to put the knob back on. I told her she gets "ONE more chance".


pam said...

oh dear..... (c:

Sean and Paige Whiting said...

You and your lesser half have certainly got the story-telling, and story-writing, thing down. We were on the edge of our seats as Hadley walked down those steps to be with you because she likes you so much! Keep up the blogging, Deebles. Happy belated 4th!