Monday, September 12, 2011

Other Cute Pics

Eating at their little table in the kitchen while mom refinishes the top of the kitchen table. They all wanted to sit together.

Fun in the "Bubble Bap" (that is what Hadley calls it). I kind of hate when they learn to say words correctly.


Kara said...

They r all so beautiful and such great personalitys I love the school pics.

pam said...

So fun. I LOVE when they "get" words in their own lingo. I was sad when the girls learned the correct way to say everything. It's so fun to watch your girls grow up. Preschool seems SO LONG ago. Our youngest graduated from college in May.
I'm thinking in August churches need to ramp up prayer to ask God ahead of time for all the sick stuff that seems to go around when school starts. You have precious girls!