Sunday, September 18, 2011

So Humbled, So Blessed and So Grateful

Dan and I are beyond blessed to be part of an amazing church. I couldn't be more amazed, more proud, or more humbled by the leaders in our church.

The men's ministry first approached us this Spring and gave Dan what they called Deeble dollars. They said they wanted to serve those that are serving them and gave Dan vouchers to redeem. So yesterday, 10 leaders came at first light (7am) and gave their ENTIRE day off to serve the Deebles by tearing apart and rebuilding our entire back fence and west gate.

They battled rain, mud, rocks and brush and pulled off an amazing feat with beautiful skill. One dad even came and worked with his 11 month old son when his wife got called into work. And I learned that another dad gave his entire day after being out of town all week and not seeing his two year old daughter. I cry every time I think about it. I owe his wife so much. I know there are probably more of those stories.

And the project foreman, he gave practically his entire week to planning, purchasing and prepping for the event. And now he and another guy will be burning our old fence in their backyards for who knows how long.

So humbling. We do not deserve to be so blessed. And one of the really cool things is that I think they had fun doing it. Now every day as I stand at the kitchen sink doing dishes or look out into my backyard, God has given me a tangible reminder how I too am called to love my neighbor as myself.

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pam said...

I'm sure your family shares Dan and your family time to the church family. I love to hear of a body loving on their leaders. What a gift--- gotta love the dad carrying his child around as he worked.