Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's About Time!!!

Poor Keiffer and Bower had their first walk in almost 4.5 years. Yes, I know that is so sad. Brianna has been asking for a while when she would be able to walk the dogs. I finally decided that we could try it.

Now you have to realize that part of the problem is that I (Elise) was terrified of dogs for the first 29 years of my life. Dan then talked me into getting a dog right after we were married. The concession on his part was a small dog. I almost instantly fell in love with Keiffer and got over most of my fears. And Keiffer had a walk almost every day. Then Keiffer was almost attacked by a German Shepherd in the park. Keiffer on leash and the German shepherd got off leash. This shook me a bit.

Then we got Bower. While walking both Keiffer and Bower in the same park Bower was attacked by a dog. The dog had Bower in his mouth. I managed to get Bower away from the dog. Needless to say my fear came back and Bower and I are quite a combo of terrified dog owner and terrified dog. Then within 14 months we went from 0 to 3 children. There was just no way to walk our dogs. We were in survival mode.

But now that the girls are almost 5, 4.5 and 4 I decided we could try down the block and back. The girls did great and had a blast. I was ok. We did have to navigate two dogs.

But the best part was that when Dan got home and asked the girls what they wanted to do they said they wanted to take the dogs for a walk again.

So TWO walks today for Keiffer and Bower!


pam said...

I can understand the fear of dogs. We have some special people in our area who think walking their dogs without a leash means their dog is WELL trained. Wrong. Poor Molly has been attacked. I now carry a small stick with us.

dan and elise said...

Hmmm... a stick is a good idea. Or I might need to go back to carrying pepper spray. But I could just imagine us all crying our way back home after that. Elise