Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Little Peak at Sunday Night

So here was a first on Sunday evening. Dan was at church for the 5pm service with his whole backup strategy planned: one item of which was a plastic bag in his back pocket.

And I (Elise) was at home feeding the girls a nutritious dinner....cereal. At which point all three of the girls called out from the table "may I be excused". And I without even looking at them called weakly from the family room floor, "Yes, can you please just clean yourself up in the bathroom." I was so sick that for the first time ever I didn't care if they were covered in head to toe sticky stuff that would soon be all over the house. I just was not getting up off the floor.

Mom's should NEVER have to get sick. Especially if Dad HAS to go to work. It just isn't fair!

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