Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

Wow!  We can't believe it is already here.  Our girls were so excited, so beautiful and so brave on their first day of school.  Mom only cried a few times at the most random moments.  With five kindergarten classes and a million parents there to take pictures this morning was CRAZY.  The girls were so brave during all the chaos.  I hardly recognized the expressions on their faces.  I think they were both a little nervous.

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pam said...

Oh my...precious Mia...she looks a bit uncertain. This was my facebook prayer this morning. We are past all of this but I so remember.

Praying peace of mind for all the parents out there, sending children off to school. For the kids...praying God's favor will rest upon them with teachers and other kids. May they choose friends wisely and may they all TRUST God that He goes before each child. Prepare the way Father! We don't have to trust in our kids...we trust You with our kids. Open their minds to Your understanding and let conversations flow when they come home.

Mom's tears are just a rite of passage. Oh the fun to come!