Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our little Hadley

Oh Hadley, you keep us on our toes.  You had the shortest lived stint at gymnastics ever.  When you get older and ask us why you didn't do any activities when you were little we will have to remind you of this.  But fighting with you for 45 minutes each week to put on a leotard which was "too tight" or shorts "too tight" or a swim suit "too tight" was just not worth it.  You had to wear clothes of some sort to participate.  So we will just limit our battles to the non-negotiable school.  Why oh why is it so hard to wear shoes, pants, shorts and heaven forbid socks.  How can you find even the softest of clothes to be "itchy".  Oh so much passion.

And you always surprise us by where we find you asleep.  Lately you have decided to make your hallway floor sleeping a little more comfortable.  Last night you slept all night in the hall.  Dad or I usually move you to your bed but for some reason you moved out there again even after dad put you in bed.


pam said...

Oh how she reminds me of one of our girls. Her "sensitive" to all sorts of bizarre things extended to a super sensitive spirit with God. May that be so with sweet Hadley. And just so you know....FEET ARE MEANT TO BE NAKED...NAKED I TELL YOU, N A K E D. (c:

dan and elise said...

Pam, thank you for the encouragement. We need it right now. :( Every day is a challenge.