Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Here little Higgens....

We have a new inhabitant of the nice little cave under our hall closet and front porch.  One of his ancestors probably built this cave.  Our first friend was a nice Oppossum.  Our new little inhabitant is quite large and likes to greet me when I get home from walking in the morning.  I have named him Higgens. He is a nice, big, healthy looking groundhog.  He is quite cute when he is in the back eating acorns.  However, I am not crazy about having him be our greeter to the Deeble house.  Nor does our foundation really want him there.

Grandpa lives out back in the woods but Higgens likes to go between our front porch and the neighbors.  Higgens, this is your eviction notice.  We have a nice new little home waiting for you in a park at least 25 miles away.  Doesn't that sound much more appealing.  You will get a nice one on one car ride with Mr. Dan.  And Mr. Dan would be happy to provide you with some relocation counseling on the way.    It will be quite an adventure.  Please come check it out.



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