Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Naming Wars

We've experienced great difficulty in naming Hadley. The first two girls were a snap. Mia came to us somewhat mystically and the name Brianna wasn't even up for discussion. Elise dreamed that one up on the monkey bars.

But with our third daughter, we've really struggled. I, for example, insist on naming our children based upon deep meaning and story. A child's name must mean something, it must tell a foundational story about their life, their character, and their soul. It is, indeed, more biblical approach. Therefore, I lobbied hard for "Tama - which in the Hebrew means both "surprised" and "complete." Given that we discovered we were pregnant just 9 days after I returned from China with Mia, I found the name to fit the criteria.

But no. You see, Tama wasn't pretty enough for my wife (no offense...). Elise, you must know, chooses names based on how they sound. To her, meaning and story are superfluous. So where did we find the name "Hadley?" From the Internet. And what does it mean? It means "Field of Heather." And what does "Field of Heather" mean?


Sorry Hadster. Your Mom got her way. Fortunately, your life will fill in the meaning and bring the soul.


Shauna said...

Hmmm, and I was sure your name choice was a nod of respect to Tony Hadley, lead singer of one of the great bands of the 80's, Spandau Ballet. Auntie Shauna will send a CD right away!

Joe said...

"Fields of Heather" remind me of Scotland - where it grows abundantly.

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