Monday, December 7, 2009

Final Score

Team Deeble, after a last minute surge by Team Meltdown and some rancorous debate among the home team, was able to hold on to close out the game.

Team Deeble: 3
Meltdown: 1

Game Analysis:

1st Quarter: a strong showing out of the gate. The deebledaughters slept til 7:30 (Dude!), our dear friend "Miss Sharon" came over and watched our two youngest so that Elise and I could spend some 2 on 1 time with Mia. Incredibly special time. Then, I took Brianna shopping - we went to the library, the grocery store, and she helped me pick out some new boots.

2nd Quarter: also a strong quarter of play but with a major setback at the end. A small mutiny occurred on the way to NAP time that caused TeamDeeble 3 penalties, a personal foul, and a stiff fine for inappropriate conduct.

3rd Quarter: starting out extremely strong. All 3 have been asleep for 2 hours. After their waking, we attempted to bake cookies for our neighbors. This was a disaster and required a quick audible by Elise (our QB). Coloring books and crayons kept us in the game.

4th Quarter: some bickering among the star QB and the back-up QB (dan) got the 4th quarter off to a rocky start, resulting in Dan coming in and pulling off some late heroics to finish off Team Meltdown.

All in all, a fairly solid effort by the good guys and, it seems, the win has lifted the spirits in the locker room as well. After his post-game interviews, Dan was seen heading to the showers. He and Elise crossed paths in the tunnel where he reportedly gave her a slap on the butt and said, "good game."

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