Friday, December 25, 2009

Notable Ommissions and Other Reflections from 2009

Call us cheap - or, if you're kind, extremely busy. But welcome to the Deeble's full color, high resolution, unlimited edition family Christmas letter. 2009 was a year of many milestones and achievements. Perhaps, though, the most notable achievements were the ones that actually did not happen. Thus, we begin this annual memoir with our list of "Notable Ommissions."

we did not...
1. ...have any overnight stays in a hospital.
2. ...reach our family deductable.
3. even a single day (though we were in Winter Park for five).
4. ...contract H1N1 (yet).
5. ...add on to our house.
6. ...invest in any toxic assets.
7. ...take the dogs for a single walk.
8. ...visit one movie theatre together.
9. ...have any more babies.
10. ...hang Christmas tree lights on our house.

In so doing (or in not so doing), we made a very important observation: you really can't see your own lights. You can only see the neighbor's lights. So in order to get into the Christmas spirit, one only needs festive neighbors such as ours (thanks B, E, and G!):

favorite quotes of 2009...
1. "Bye Bye Poopie. See you tomorrow!" - Mia
2. "What About Me!?!" - Brianna
3. "Milp" - Hadley

We're a bit concerned that when a child can verbally ask to be nursed that maybe it's time to switch over to the cow....

most adorable moments: (click to watch any of the below)
1. When Mia first learned to pray.
2. Hadley singing Frank Sinatra with her Papa.
3. Brianna on a talking spree.

most heroic moment: Dad catching Hadley with one hand while still filming (see video#2) .

best vacation: lake trip and worstell wedding
worst drive: lake trip and worstell wedding

worst day of the year: family photo day
best day of the year: when we got our photos back

meanwhile, on the latest episode of "So You Think You Can Dance..."

most difficult challenge of our lives: pottytraining
greatest feat: hadley takes her first steps!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a purposeful and rewarding 2010.

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