Monday, December 7, 2009

dinner table discussions

One night last week, I announced that I wanted to go around the table and tell each girl why I thought they were so special. So I turned to Bri, then to Mia, then to Elise, and finally to Hadley and shared with each of them. It went over well and the girls seemed to listen intently to my praise.

But then Bri announced that she too wanted to tell each of us why we are special. Here's what we heard:

"Mia, you booduful cause...cause....cause... you gwew up China. {insert garble, garble}. And you adopted. You born Mommy's heart I born in Mommy tummy. Mommy, you booduful cause...cause...cause... you fix dings. Had-lay, you booduful dance.
Daddy, you so booduful cause...cause...{garble garble} football."

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grey like snuffie said...

oh yeah...sounds so poor hubby has had no boys in the house either..not even the dogs. I'm sure it makes you guys stronger some how...definitely improves the prayer life...(his eyes roll skyward and he emits a low moan as he cries out to God)...the life of our man.