Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Planning the Site

Butde and Papa are here for 10 days to visit, see the new house and rebuild the sandbox. Yep! Isn't that unbelievable. Papa labored for a week just one year ago building us the most amazing sandbox and water station ever and here he is again rebuilding it. Thankfully we brought the water spicket with us to save a little on that labor.

But here is the most adorable picture of Papa and Brianna. Bri woke up early from her nap and so her daddy just put shoes and a hat on her and sent her outside. No shorts on either. Still in her pullup from her nap, she just walked out and down the deck and went over and stood next to Papa like this. They were both surveying the site for the new sandbox. We watched her stand there with him for a while and then she came back and walked up the deck and said "Mommy, Papa isn't talking to me". We just died laughing.