Sunday, May 2, 2010


Thank you everyone for all of your prayers. We moved a little over a week ago on Friday, April 23rd. It was beyond crazy. We learned two days before the move that our kitchen counters wouldn't be in, we had water pouring into our old house master bedroom the night before we moved and we inadvertantly painted our basement with the worst fumed oil based paint we have ever smelled two days before. So our girls lived freezing wrapped up in coats so that we could have the house aired out. Then on top of all that we learned that I WAY underestimated the packing.

While I was a project manager in my past life and some of my projects included managing all of the technology installs in hundreds of new tax offices across the country. We learned that I am horrible at managing and executing a single family move. :( I was a little too into the construction on the new house to fully estimate the amount of packing required at our old house.

If it were not for some amazing friends who took a look at our old house a few days before the move and decided that there was no way we were going to make it, we in fact wouldn't have made it. We also learned that we have a LOT of stuff. Where it was in our old house we have no idea because we pretty much filled our new house which is WAY bigger.

So thanks again to our friends that spent two days packing and helping us take loads over, to our friends that blessed us with paying to have our old house cleaned, to friends that loaned us fans to air out the house, to those friends that helped us unpack boxes and put things away, to all the friends that brought us meals. And last but by no means the least to the good samaritan that Dan met from another church during a "What if the Church" meeting that came over and installed a temporary sink in our kitchen. If that is not an example of how the body of Christ can love each other then I don't know what is. We couldn't have done it nor could we be continuting to do it without him (we still don't have counters).

All that said, we are all doing great. The girls are doing great. Mia is doing AWESOME. The dogs are better behaved and just plain happier, believe it or not. And Dan and I have learned just how much less stressed we are by having a little more space. Dan in fact was saying he felt guilty for loving more space when the majority of the world lives in very cramped conditions. We do not want to ever take it for granted how blessed we are.

Thank you for all of your prayers. They have so been heard and felt by the Deebles.


grey like snuffie said...
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grey like snuffie said...

WOW...I honestly don't know whether to go, "YAY GOD...way to go" or just laugh....that is a heck of a lot of need that He met. It is very humbling to have a large home. We are wanting to down size and after reading this I'm going into full blown PURGE mode tomorrow so that when ever He allows a move we will have less to move. His grace was indeed sufficient for your family.