Monday, October 18, 2010


O.K. so you can now add a wood pecker and a mole to our little menagerie. I had absolutely NO idea how much damage one little creature could do. This mole is even destroying the inside of my house. Keiffer's new mission in life is the catch this mole. So at least every other day we have to completely wash Keiffer down because she is covered in dirt and mud from digging in the moles tunnels trying to catch it. And then mud does not agree with Keiffer's stomach. I have been doing more carpet, bedspread, chair scrubbing than anyone should ever have to do. Need I say more. I was on the verge of loathing my dog but now that I spent Saturday out in the yard and saw the damage that this mole has done, I am cheering her on. Go, Keiffer, Go!!!

That brings us to mice, possum, ground hog, spiders, wood pecker, mole, lizards and walking sticks. NONE of which have yet vacated our premises. And then as if that wasn't bad enough Dan says to me you know we probably should have our chimney checked because I don't want to totally freak you out but I have seen bats flying around outside. Seriously? How much can one woman handle.

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