Monday, October 11, 2010

Couldn't Be Prouder

Not quite what I had dreamed and imagined when we got the doll house 5 years ago*. But I couldn't be a prouder mom. Mia started it and then Bri pitched in. My favorite line was from Bri, "no, I need the drill. Hadley can you get me the drill". And Hadley got it. Go girls!!! Papa will be so proud too.

*Yes, we got it before we had any kids. The women's ministry all pitched in and got us a gift card to the plaza one Christmas and told us to spend it on something we didn't need. I told Dan how I had always dreamed of having a dollhouse and never had one. The following year the staff gave us another gift card for Christmas and along came the furniture. We are truly spoiled by an extremely giving church, family and friends. And we are still pretty sure that Mom has more fun with it than the girls at this point.

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