Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Bye Bye terrible twos! Our baby girl turned 3 yesterday. We had a small birthday dinner at McDonalds with our best friends the Gazaways then went to worship and communion at church as a family. Hadley got to pick one present to open on her birthday. The other presents have to wait until we celebrate this weekend with her cousins, aunties and grandparents.

She picked her gift from Butde and Papa to open. Wow, is she now a happy girl. She has her very own Barbies. She no longer has to beg Brianna to let her play with hers.

Happy Birthday, baby girl. We love you. We love your fire, determination, cuddles and sweet heart. We are so thankful for our biggest surprise.

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pam said...

\O/ Rejoicing with you for your birthday girl, hand picked by God for your family!