Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Sad Day

Well, one of my dreaded days is here. The day that they ALL decide to mutiny and NOT nap. Brianna hasn't napped since she turned three but I could always count on Mia and Hadley.

Well Mia's soccer was during naptime on Saturdays this fall and I flippantly said this better not make her give up her nap. Soccer is over and I think she only napped once last week! And Hadley, like Bri, turned three and suddenly thinks she doesn't need to sleep.

Trying to enforce the "naptime is not over yet" with one child was exhausting, but now with three it is downright difficult to do anything. I might have to invest in two "Tell Me Time" children alarm clocks. Mia can already do a pretty good job of telling time so I am hoping she won't be jealous.

Meanwhile I am mourning the loss of a few moments to myself in the middle of a loud and crazy day.

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