Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A New Day

Since the girls decided to give up napping, we decided that it was time that they start doing some chores and earning an allowance. So I of course hit the internet to find out a good way to track and monitor chores. I was about to order some fridge chore charts when I came across the cutest idea with detailed instructions from this site:

So I hit the garage that afternoon and began creating my own. Well, I have a whole new appreciation for artists and people that do crafts. Drilling the holes in the wood was right up my ally but the rest, well the rest, was a stretch to my patience and skill. It took me three days and hours upon hours of cutting, gluing, sanding and staining. When I first started the project I thought oh this is going to be my new gift to all of my firends but now "NO WAY".

But here is my final product:

The cutest part to all of this is that the girls LOVE doing their chores. The minute I told them they they were going to start earning money they all three ran up the stairs. I asked them where they were going and they said "to make our beds". If only I could capture this enthusiasm and bottle it to be opened in say 10 years.

And I finally found a solution to staying on top of the laundry. BRIANNA. She daily hounds me to do laundry. She is my chief laundry helper. She loves sorting, folding, loading and moving the laundry. I asked her why she loves it and she said so she can have clean underwear. Pretty bad when your 4 year old tells you that.

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pam said...

Well done. You would love Pinterest. I'm getting so many fun craft ideas. You would go crazy with all the ideas you see for crafts, kid projects....much better than googling sometimes.