Thursday, November 10, 2011

Finger Twins

My cell phone rang just minutes after I had arrived at work. It was the house line. I had a bad feeling about it and stepped out of my meeting. Having missed the call, I dialed her back and - given my unsettled feeling - grabbed my car key and assumed the athletic position. Sure enough. Elise picked up and I could hear crying in the background and her all-too-familiar shaky voice. I thought, "Children's Mercy here we come."

Mia had hurt her finger playing in the family room. Apparently she was playing with wood blocks and Brianna tripped and fell on top of her, smashing her finger between the blocks.

After a doctor's visit, a splint, a trip to an X-Ray imaging center, and 3 hours later she was cleared of anything broken. We were happy and she was happy - 2 suckers for her troubles and a splint just like Daddy's!

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