Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I (Daddy) See In...Hadley

It truly is amazing to see traits in your daughters that continue from nearly the day they were born. Hadley, for example, is so affectionate. Touch is truly her love language. We learned this just two days after she was born. Butde (grandma) was trying to calm (and shush) her in the living room of our old house when she started to rub her feet. Instantly, the girl started to purr.

This is still the same to this day (and, yes, I do realize she's only three). Just a few nights ago, she was crying in the middle of the night and I went to calm (and shush) her. I walked in her room - slightly fearful of her often-menacing-midnight-demeanor. Okay, a lot afraid.

I approached her bed and said, "Hadley, what do you want, Pumpkin?"
"No!" She shouted at me and kicked her legs up and down in protest. Clearly, words of encouragement are not her deal.
"Sweetie, are you cold? Do you need water?"
"Get away from me!" she screamed, jerking her head away as if I had bad breath. Strike acts of service from the list.
"Would you like me to hold you?"
"No! Mommy!" she shouted, denouncing my offer of some quality time.
"Would you like a back rub?" I asked. Instantly, she rolled over and turned her back to me. "Okay," she said.

There are other traits that we spotted early on as well (like head-banging) but nothing like her love for touch. I call her my 'cuddle bunny, my koala bear, my sea anemone' and I pray that she seeks and receives this form of love in ways that grow her heart and protect her beauty.

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