Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I (Daddy) See In...Brianna

Brianna has such an interest in the Lord. A ND, she has this beautiful theological mind.
Yesterday I took a moment to log some of this interest:
  • Every time we read the Bible together, she wants to read about Jesus dying on the cross. To round out her theological spectrum, we try and include the resurrection, ascension, and return as well.
  • When we do, she makes us wait so that she can go to her room and get a little cross that she can hold up as if on a crusade (hmmm...might she have a liturgical leaning?). She also took her cross to preschool for 'show 'n' tell.'
  • Another time we were reading about Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane and she asked, "Why did He do that? Why did Jesus pray to God if He is God?"
  • Another time: "Why did Judas betray Jesus if he was His disciple?"
  • A follow-up question: "Is it Judas in us that makes us do bad things?"
  • Clarifying question: "Or is that the sneaky snake?"
  • A statement - as we were driving in the back of the van: "Last night I prayed that Jesus would help me not be afraid in the dark. It didn't work."
  • A praise: "I'm thankful for Jesus and Barbie."
Just yesterday, I was struck by how unique and special this is about her. Something for us to pray into and nurture.

'Let the children come to me.'

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